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The newest offering of Diamond Dotz diamond painting kits is all about variety! The mix includes beginner to advanced skill levels, new pieces from favorite artists, several licensed activity sets for kids and a big batch of beginner DOTZ BOX kits.


You’ll be delighted with a well-rounded mix of full- and partial-drill diamond paintings, with offerings in both round and square diamond facets. Take a look!


We want to make sure that the most advanced diamond painters are challenged! The newest Diamond Dotz assortment has several exceptional kits that fit the bill, like this power pair from Australian artist, Carlie Edwards – meet Bohemian Alpaca and Bohemian Tiger.

Do these two look familiar? That’s because they’re new additions to the wildly popular Bohemian series – be sure to check them all out.

Our design team has so much fun interpreting Carlie’s art into diamond painting. To stay true to her original art, the new kits include large specialty drills, which the Alpaca and Tiger wear dominantly on their crowns. They are really stunning to look at, don’t you think?

Both of these pieces are partial coverage or “partial drill” interpretations. This means that only the animal is dotted, and the background of the canvas is printed. It’s important to understand that this is a purposeful interpretation, done so that the Alpaca and Tiger take center stage.

TIP: a partial drill interpretation is not necessarily an indication of skill level, but rather a technique that is used to intentionally create negative space on the canvas, and allow the key design element to shine! Remember, these are advanced level kits.

We’ve got a new artist on board … introducing American artist, Laurie Prindle. Laurie has a passion for wildlife, and you guessed it, horses!

Our advanced diamond painting interpretations of Laurie’s art are Lillicorn, Wind Stalker and Dream Weaver. Each design is packed with so many intricate details – lovely to contemplate while you dot, that's for sure!

Take a look at all of Laurie’s designs, and keep an eye out for more from this talented artist.

Our Van Gogh series just keeps on growing. Advanced diamond painters will love the challenge that these new interpretations pose – look at all those shades of green and blue. Cypresses and Olive Orchard are great pieces for any Van Gogh diamond painting collector.

Hint: you might just need to try them all – they would look fabulous displayed together on a gallery wall!


New design additions in the intermediate skill level hit on favorite themes: Lilac Perfume floral, Rocky Coast seascape, and just-for-fun Party Chicks.

We think you’ll agree that the new Diamond Dotz diamond painting collection offers experienced dotters plenty of options.



You have to start somewhere, and DOTZ BOX is that perfect first step! Young dotters just love these kits because they have some really unique features.

First, the new designs are spot on – so cute and colorful – they’re guaranteed to deliver smiles! But the fact that they are ready to hang as soon as that last dot is placed, is pretty cool, too. That’s because they have printed sides, and a built-in hang hole on the back. Immediate satisfaction makes them kid-friendly for sure!

There are 20+ new designs in the DOTZ BOX collection – wow! It’s important to keep bringing new dotters into the fold and these kits are one way to do just that.



The newest DOTZIES for Kids kits are delightful! The sassy cactus is a clever new character featured in several of the new kits – a great series to dot and collect. A new packaging presentation shows you exactly what’s in the box and makes these ideal for gift giving.

There are 10+ new kits in this series and each one features a diamond painting canvas, color-sorted gems, and application tools.



The key word here is “activity” and these new DOTZIES for Kids activity sets deliver. What makes them so special? Glad you asked!

Each activity set is packed with a unique combination of dotting surfaces (pictures + stickers + bracelets + zipper pouch), plus Dotz and application tools – take a look:

These activity sets also feature an enticing packaging presentation, making them highly giftable.


Celebrate all the occasions with diamonds! Our diamond painting greeting cards are a favorite, and this new value pack contains a 12-card variety, making it easy to send sparkling wishes for a birthday or any day. Handmade sentiments for the win!

Tip: for those of you who keep a stash of greeting cards handy, check out our full range of individual cards.

The time is right to shore up your diamond painting plans for the season. Whether it’s giftable items for the kiddos, or a new kit or two for your own list, we hope we’ve given you lots of sparkling ideas.

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