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If you’re looking for a creative way to show off a favorite diamond painting, here’s a fun idea for you: make a notebook cover. This is a super easy way to display one of your sparkling creations, and a sure way to get voted most popular in the classroom. Check it out!

First, gather your supplies:

Trim the edges of your diamond painting canvas using a pair of scissors. You’ll want to trim off the color key, and any other printed information like the name of the design, the Diamond Dotz logo, etc. 

Turn your diamond painting canvas over and squirt some of the Dotz Stick brush-on adhesive onto the back side of the canvas. Don’t apply too much.

Use the paint brush to brush the Dotz Stick onto the canvas using even brush strokes. The Dotz Stick adhesive should cover the back of the canvas in a consistent manner.

Let the Dotz Stick dry until it is slightly tacky to the touch, and then position it on the cover of your notebook. Smooth the diamond painting in place with your hands until you’re satisfied with its placement.

We think this project earns high marks for originality and sparkle. Hope you agree!

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