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Fun and funky sandals that nobody has but YOU? It’s possible with Diamond Dotz Freestyle! See how to add Diamond Dotz Freestyle gems to summer sandals, espadrilles and Birkenstocks and customize your look with diamond painting. Make one-of-kind kicks that put you a step ahead of the crowd.

Here’s how to make custom sandals with Diamond Dotz Freestyle.

Gather your supplies:

Use the paint brush to brush the Dotz Stick onto your sandals in the areas you want to embellish with gems using even brush strokes. The Dotz Stick adhesive should consistently coat all the areas you want to decorate; apply two coats, letting dry fully in between each coat. Let the final coat of Dotz Stick dry until it is slightly tacky to the touch.

Pour the Diamond Dotz gems of your choice into the craft tray and load your stylus with wax and begin dotting, covering the areas on your sandals where the Dotz Stick was applied.

Continue dotting, creating patterns as you wish! Refer to our general dotting instructions for tips on working with the wax/stylus/Dotz; the application process is the same, even though you are dotting “Freestyle” versus following a charted diamond painting design.

When you are finished applying the Diamond Dotz gems, apply an even coat of Dotz Guard sealant to the dotted area to seal and protect your project. 

Why stop at just one pair? Dot to your heart’s delight adding color, personality and SPARKLE to all kinds of summer sandals and shoe styles.

We just love these fabulous looks and hope you do, too! Check out the full range of Freestyle products plus our library of Freestyle projects and get inspired to add sparkle to everything!